Cancel culture or accountability? | Crime coverage | MSNBC ≠ Fox

Cancel culture or accountability?: Some right wing individuals claim that liberal journalists are trying to “cancel” conservative voices. Margaret Sullivan of the Washington Post argues that conservatives are entitled to their opinion, but are not entitled to a platform to espouse these opinions, especially when they are trying to spread false claims, such as election fraud. While the First Amendment protects freedom of speech without government intervention, it is not the responsibility of the media to make sure that radicals are given a platform, says Sullivan

Crime coverage: Coverage of crime and police brutality often means looking critically into systemic racism embedded in the criminal justice system. But what happens when no one is covering local crime? CJR writer Jaeah Lee follows East Bay Times crime reporter Nate Gartrell, one of the last reporters covering crime in the Bay Area. The article examines the decline of local news and its consequences. When there are no more crime reporters because of the decline in local and regional news, there is no one left to expose injustices occurring within the courthouses.

MSNBC ≠ Fox: MSNBC is not Fox News’ left wing equivalent, argues Tom Jones in Poynter. The difference between the two is that MSNBC has a grasp on the truth and guests who reflect facts and reality. Though both networks have opinion hosts and use dramatic tactics to attract viewers, doing so by neglecting to tell the full story or misleading viewers is not honest journalism, says Jones.


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