Google’s Publisher Pay out | COVID-19 Lessons for Journalists | How journalists covered Trump’s rant

Google’s Publisher Pay out: Publisher-hate relationship with Google. Yes, Google search drives millions of views their way, which they can monetize through ads and subscribers. On the other hand, Google (and Facebook) have basically taken over online advertising from newsrooms, costing them untold billions in revenue. Now Google is giving back — a little. Ingrid Lunden for TechCrunch reports Google is paying $1 billion to some publishers to license content for Google News Showcase. We will see how well it works. 

COVID-19 Lessons for Journalists: The pandemic has not been easy to cover. For one thing, reporters are covering a disease where much is unknown, so they have to learn themselves as the science catches up. CJR asked journalists what lessons they learned from their coverage. This is what they had to say.

How journalists covered Trump’s rant: President Trump’s 46-minute rant was filled with falsehood after falsehood. So if you are a news organization, how do you cover it? Carefully, it appears. According to Tom Jones at Poynter, “It’s not an easy answer. Most responsible outlets seemed to do the right thing. Acknowledge it, but don’t spend a lot of energy on it. And spend most of that energy debunking it. In other words, pay attention to it, but not enough to give it unnecessary credibility.”