Trump’s civil war with GOP media | NYT dreams of empire | Can you FOIA Slack?

By Matt Carroll <@MattatMIT>

Oct. 4, 2016: Cool stuff about journalism, once a week. Get notified via email? Subscribe: 3toread (at)

  1. How Trump started a civil war within right-wing media: A fascinating, NYT mag piece by on how the Trump candidacy ignited a bruising, ongoing battle between a new breed of Republican media and more traditional Republican opinion makers. It’s flat-out nasty. By Robert Draper. And for good measure: What it’s like to be a female reporter covering Trump. Yes, it’s as bad as you think. By Claire Landsbaum for New York magazine.
  2. The NYT dreams of an international empire: The New York Times has big plans or expanding into Europe, Asia, and Latin America. It’s not going to be easy. A breakdown of the challenges faced by the NYT, such as crowded news markets, by Jessica Davies of Digiday.
  3. Can you FOIA Slack?: Getting information through FOIAs, never a smooth road, is becoming more difficult for newsrooms. New technologies are making FOIA requests more complicated. And government agencies are daring newsrooms to go to court, knowing they often don’t have the money to fight it out. Shan Wang for Nieman Lab.
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Matt Carroll runs the Future of News initiative at the MIT Media Lab.



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