3 to read: Creating civil conversation | Twitter grows up (subtly) | Hollywood gets it wrong about WaPo

By Matt Carroll <@MattCData>

March 14, 2017: Cool stuff about journalism, once a week. Get notified via email? Subscribe: 3toread (at) gmail.

  1. When a news site works to create civil conversation: This story is cool on two levels. First, it’s about how Red and Blue pro-Trump and pro-Hillary voters can be brought together and guided through a civil conversation about their differences. That part is wonderful. But it’s also a less obvious story about how a new type of news site is navigating uncharted waters in an attempt to create much tighter engagement with its readers. Great piece by Monica Guzman of The Evergrey. (Related: “Conversations,” a conference at Northeastern U about how media can build bridges between fractured communities.)
Image: Leigh Carroll (Instagram: @leighzaah)

2. Twitter grows up (subtly):Not so long ago, Twitter’s obituary was being written, as its growth stalled — perceived as death for social media sites. But the quirky 140-character site has been hard at work revamping, in subtle but important ways, which have increased its relevance. (And of course there’s a “Trump Bump” because of the Twitter-in-chief’s penchant for 3 a.m. mini rants.) Good work by Will Oremus at Slate.

3. Pentagon Papers movie about WaPo? Sorry, it should be NYT:Hollywood, you got it wrong, argues Robert J. McNamara in Poynter. A movie, starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, is planned about how the Washington Post handled its publication of the Pentagon Papers. But McNamara argues (convincingly) that the movie should be about the New York Times, which published first. An interesting look back at an important chapter in journalism history.

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Matt Carroll is a journalism professor at Northeastern University.


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