Conversations: New frameworks for public discourse

A conference on media innovation in an era of fragmented communities: March 31 at Northeastern University

By Matt Carroll <@MattCData>

The public is increasingly fragmented in how it consumes information, with change driven by newly emerging media and ever-shifting cultural trends.

At the same time, how and why we communicate and what constitutes viable information has gained new tools, contexts and constituencies. The media needs to focus on effective, fact-based communication as it takes on on problems that span politics, policies and research.

The conference is called: “Conversations: New frameworks for public discourse. Exploring the role of media innovation, emerging modes of communication and digital storytelling in an era of fragmented communities.”

It’s being held on on Friday, March 31, at Northeastern University in Boston.

If you are interested in attending, more information and registration details are here. The event is free. We hope to see you there.

Media needs to leverages the art and science of communication to promote civil discussion about the most pressing and complex problems facing society — bridging technological infrastructures, data analytics, information visualization, and public engagement expertise.

Increasingly, information is consumed by the public in diverse ways as the definition of news evolves, and communication itself is reshaped by cultural trends and emerging technology.

Within this fluid environment, the media has a unique capacity to drive fact-based storytelling that leverages the art and the science of communication.

What tools, contexts and constituencies can media bring to bear to promote civil discussion about the complex, pressing problems facing fragmented communities today?

How can media effectively bridge technological infrastructures, data analytics, information visualization, and public engagement to serve multifaceted audiences and participants?

Join us on March 31 at Northeastern University as we meet with a broad range of journalists and communicators from across the country, eager to address these questions and to search for new frameworks for promoting civil discussion.

The conference is sponsored by Northeastern’s College of Arts, Media & Design.

We’re planning an exciting day of panels, panelists, and table discussions. Here are the panels:

  • True listening beyond the data: Making sure we hear and understand the people behind the numbers
  • How to foster reasoned public dialogue on issues of diversity & difference
  • Preparing journalists to “co-create”: Working with the communities they serve in reporting the news
  • Are we hard-wired for hard conversations? Navigating the cultural and neurobiological obstacles to communicating across difference.

Matt Carroll is a professor-of-the-practice in the Journalism Department at Northeastern University.


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