3 to read: WaPo goes transparent | NYT’s own sex scandal | How Breitbart declared war on Twitter

By Matt Carroll <@MattCData>

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  1. How the WaPo broke the Roy Moore story: First, this is interesting piece for journalists curious about how the WaPo got the story. But secondly — and maybe more importantly — it’s eye opening for people outside the business, who might wonder how “sausage is made.” It’s the Post’s first story in what will be a series in “deconstructing the journalistic process.” It’s also a great example of how newsrooms can be more transparent and can increase trust when the public has become increasingly skeptical and cynical about the media.

2. Scandal at the NYT: Investigation into allegations against star reporter Glenn Thrush: There’s no shortage of irony here. The New York Times, after all, kicked off the blistering #metoo movement with its incredible reporting on Weinstein. Now, one of its star White House reporters has been suspended after a report in Vox about how Thrush allegedly made moves on younger female reporters. This Vanity Fair piece by Joe Pompeo describes a strong response from the NYT: Dozens interviewed in rigorous interviews. Stay tuned.

3. How Bannon, Milo & Breitbart declared war on Twitter: BuzzFeed has written a fascinating inside look at how Breitbart’s Steve Bannon roared into battle against Twitter, convinced that the tweet machine was blocking conservative voices and banning his employees, including then-star Milo Yiannopoulos. “Should we sue Twitter?” Yiannopoulos wrote in an email to Bannon. “Already talked to lawyers,” replied Bannon. A tale about how Bannon unleashed Breitbart against Twitter, trying their best to hurt the social network. Great work by Joseph Bernstein and Ryan Mac.

BTW: Taking holiday time. Next post on Jan. 13.

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