3 to read: Readership Surge|Covering a Pandemic | Adapting Sports Programs

As many people are now working from home, it may be hard to escape the constant reporting on the tragedies of COVID-19. To shift the narrative, this week’s newsletter focuses on journalists and reporters covering the virus. 

  1. Coronavirus Brings a Surge to News Sites: Marc Tracy for the New York Times looks at how the coverage of COVID-19 has impacted journalists and newspapers in the U.S. For many newspapers, readership has gone up by almost 50%, many people flocking to read the most recent and accurate information. Some newspapers have reported their subscriptions also going up immensely. However, for some papers, especially local newspapers have taken a hit in their revenue. Advertisements have been calling to cancel and there has overall been a panic in the uncertainty of the virus. Read more about how newsrooms are dealing with the new changes in this article. 

2. How to Cover a Fast Moving Pandemic: As newsrooms struggle to cover the outbreak of COVID-19, Kyle Pope of CJR has curated a few points on what they have learnt so far through their experience so far. Some of his points include the fact that journalism that matters is local, not to obsess too much over numbers and to uphold the values of journalism. The article dives into how the shift in attitude can impact how the media covers a pandemic of this scale. 

3. ESPN Adapts their Broadcasting Program as Sports Around the U.S. Shutdown: One of the most impacted media channels in the current crisis is the sports media. Alex Sherman of ESPN writes about how ESPN has adapted to the changing landscape of sports since the outbreak began. As most people are staying at home now, many of them may now be tuning into television frequently. ESPN amongst other sports channels are struggling to find content to place in their program in order to keep their audience entertained in a time where all sports are virtually on pause. In the long run, this could hurt cable news as people become dissatisfied with not being able to watch regular sports seasons via ESPN. 


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