3 to Read: Flattening the Curve | Tracking the Outbreak | 9 Charts on the Economy

Despite the abundance of information and data regarding COVID-19, journalists are using data visualisation more than ever to present this information as clear and precise to the public as possible. 

Simulating Flattening the Curve: Flattening the curve slowly became a common phrase heard on the news. But for many, it may have been hard to understand why exactly social distancing would lead to flattening the curve. Using simulations that readers can interact with, Harry Stevens for the Washington Post designed an article meant to show how social distancing can impact and decrease the spread of COVID-19. The simulation visually explains the importance of social distancing, an important tool to educate readers in times of confusion. 

Tracking the Global Outbreak: The Visual and Data Journalism Team for BBC News has accumulated data from several different sources such as Johns Hopkins University and WHO to put together a series of maps and charts that are tracking the spread of COVID-19. Some of the charts compare globally in different countries in terms of cases, recoveries and deaths, while others highlight the change in movements in different cities. In a global pandemic, comparisons between countries can provide useful exposure to how other countries are handling the crisis and connects the readers on a global scale. 

9 Charts Showing what Coronavirus is doing to the Economy: COVID-19 has not only social and public health impacts, it also has had a dire effect on the economy. With the stock market crash and all non-essential businesses being closed, the economy has taken a toll. Dylan Matthews for Vox compiles nine charts that show the impact on the U.S. economy. Visuals range from data on rise in unemployment, recession and the impact on the Dow. These charts provide clarity and comprehensibility to readers who receive an intense flow of information about the economy daily. 

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