3 to Read: New barriers to public information | Quibi’s rough start | Measuring the toll of the pandemic

New Barriers to Public Information: Along with shopping and socializing, access to public records has become an issue. Writing for the Columbia Journalism Review, Richard Salame and Nina Zweig explain how agencies like the FBI, the State Department and various municipalities are slowing or ceasing their response to public records requests. Experts worry that the pandemic is being used to obstruct public access to information.

Quibi’s Rough Start: Designed for users on the go, the new app Quibi hosts a streaming service full of short videos ranging from five to 10 minutes long. It seems with shelter-in-place orders, this would be the perfect app to take off. Yet the app has failed to meet expectations and has dropped out of the 50 most downloaded free apps a week after launching. Writing for the New York Times, Nicole Sperling describes the hurdles that Quibi has faced since launching, and what the company has in store for its users.

Measuring the toll of the pandemic: Data is of the utmost importance during a public health crisis, which, unfortunately, is when it can be most difficult to obtain. To help bridge the divide, epidemiologists from 24 European countries have teamed up to form a group called EuroMOMO, which publishes weekly death tolls. Data journalist James Tozer speaks with an epidemiologist from EuroMOMO, and explains how The Economist calculates the global death toll of the virus.

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