3 to Read: Who owns podcast content? | Boston Globe tackles racial inequities | The decline of hometown papers

Who owns podcast content?: The debate over ownership of intellectual property has reached the podcasting world after two prominent podcasters spoke about their experiences on Twitter. Because the podcast industry as a whole is so young, there aren’t any clear-cut guidelines about whether podcast creators own their content, or whether the companies they work for do, Kameel Stanley writes for NiemanLab. Additionally, black creators and creators of color are more likely to face hurdles when fighting for ownership over their ideas. Veteran podcasters’ advice? Bring a lawyer to help negotiate intellectual property agreements.

Boston Globe tackles racial inequities: The Boston Globe has renewed its focus on issues of race and inequality in Boston, according to a leaked memo published by Dan Kennedy for WGBH. In the memo, Globe editor Brian McGrory announced several plans to foster change, including hiring and promoting editors of color, improving coverage of neighborhoods of color and performing audits of Globe reporting to assess how well the paper represents and depicts people of color in its coverage. McGrory also mentioned implementing a “right to be forgotten” policy for nonviolent crimes.

The decline of hometown papers: Writing for The Washington Post Magazine, Margaret Sullivan reflects on her years at The Buffalo News, where she started as a summer intern. At the time, the paper was a powerful force in the community, and as the paper’s first top female editor, Sullivan was able to implement important changes. However, as sources of revenue dried up, the paper was forced to cut down its staff, and its extensive coverage of Buffalo along with it. Sullivan illustrates what happens to local communities as a result of declining local news coverage.

By Maya Homan & Matt Carroll


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