White power groundswell | New opinion editor | Twitter-thread star

White power groundswell [podcast]: In an episode of the CJR podcast “The Kicker,” University of Chicago history professor Kathleen Belew says the media needs to cover domestic terrorism in the same way that it covers Islamic terrorism. Journalists need to make connections between white power groups and the larger domestic terror movement in their reporting. Basing her opinion on historical precedent from the post-Vietnam War era, Belew’s outlook is bleak on the direction of the movement that burst into public view during the Jan. 6 insurrection. “I think a lot more activity will be unfolding,” says Belew. “I hope I’m wrong about that.”

New opinion editor: Kathleen Kingsbury, the New York Times’ new opinion editor, has big plans, writes Sarah Scire for Nieman Lab. Kingsbury intends to experiment with different methods of reporting, including video, audio, and graphics. Beyond this, she plans to change the content and publish some stories that don’t fall clearly on a left-right spectrum to challenge readers. It will be interesting to see what direction the NYT takes here.

Twitter-thread star: As Twitter has become a source of news and insight for many users, influencers like Seth Abramson have emerged. Lyz Lenz of CJR profiles the rise of Abramson, who treats his nearly 1 million followers with what he terms analysis of ongoing events — sometimes in tweet threads that are 100 tweets long. Abramson’s writing and role is controversial — Lenz says a person’s opinion on Abramson “is kind of a Rorschach test,” as he is either seen as a favorable speaker of truth or a “rogue pundit.” Abramson says he is navigating the convoluted world of modern politics. But his accuracy has been questioned and his sources may not be as reliable as many of his followers are led to believe, writes Lenz. An interesting take on how Twitter influencers are changing media.


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