Arresting the press | Tiny journal with big impact | The ethics of Cuomo interviewing Cuomo

Arresting the press: In the days between May 29 and June 4 of last year, 71 journalists were arrested as racial-justice protests intensified nationwide. In total, over 125 journalists were arrested or detained in 2020, many of whom are still waiting for their charges to be processed or dropped. According to Jon Allsop in CJR, charges for offenses like disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and failure to disperse were unexpected, jarring, and raised concerns about press freedom in the US. Sean Beckner-Carmitchel, a freelance videographer, was arrested twice during election week protests. “Police don’t get to decide who is and is not press,” said Beckner-Carmitchel. 

Tiny journal with big impact: Democracy: A Journal of Ideas is a tiny quarterly journal based in DC that flies largely under the radar. With only 500 subscribers, it’s not a likely publication for meaningful ideas that carry a lot of weight. However, huge names like Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and many high-ranking Biden officials have contributed to the journal before and during their political careers. Marc Tracy of the New York Times compares it to the National Review, claiming that it provides just the right platform for politically minded individuals to float ideas. Though the journal itself doesn’t get a lot of attention, it plays an important role in allowing relevant ideas to enter the political conversation and provides a platform for future politicians, says Tracy. 

The ethics of Cuomo interviewing Cuomo: Chris Cuomo of CNN never used to interview his brother, New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, but when the pandemic rocked New York City, the cable network’s policy changed. But now that the governor is facing accusations of sexual harassment, CNN has re-instated its ban on interviews between the Cuomo brothers. According to Margaret Sullivan of the Washington Post, the inconsistency of this ban is just a little too convenient. It seems as though Chris Cuomo only participates in the sibling interviews when he has something to gain from it because Andrew Cuomo is popular in the polls. This policy should not change according to popularity, and from a journalistic ethics standpoint, CNN never should have lifted the ban in 2020 and shouldn’t again in the future, says Sullivan. 

Live Q&A with Marty Baron, former executive editor of The Washington Post on April 1. Fundraiser for student scholarships: Register now

From exposing the priest sexual abuse scandal in Boston to confronting Donald Trump’s attacks on the media to addressing the country’s racial reckoning, Marty Baron has stood at the center of the journalistic storm. Now he talks candidly about his time as editor of the Washington Post and Boston Globe, what it was like to be attacked as an “enemy of the people” and cover Trump, and what he sees for the future of journalism—and the country. 

Under his leadership, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe and the Miami Herald won a total of 17 Pulitzer Prizes. Baron was also featured in the Oscar-winning movie SPOTLIGHT. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from one of America’s greatest journalists and defenders of democracy and a free press. Baron will be interviewed by Jonathan Kaufman, Director of the Northeastern University School of Journalism.

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6 – 6:10 p.m.: Welcoming Remarks

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6:45 – 7p.m.: Audience Q&A


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