3 to read: Where Trump gets his theories | We’re not the enemy, Trump | 500 years of graphic design

By Matt Carroll <@MattCData>

Sept. 2, 2017: Cool stuff about journalism, once a week. Get notified via email? Subscribe: 3toread (at) gmail.

  1. Where Trump gets his crazy alt-right theories: An interesting take on how Trump gets his “information,” and the weird sources he uses. In essence, a strange brew of alt-right sites have become the administration’s think tanks. A fascinating read by Astead W. Herndon of the Boston Globe.

2. “We’re journalists, Mr. Trump, not the enemy”: A megaphone defense of journalists and our work, as well as a blowtorch takedown of Trump by Nicholas Kristoff of the NYT. Bottom line: Trump does not have a clue as to what journalists do or are supposed to do. He just doesn’t get it, and Kristoff takes him to task for it. A heartening read in a grim time for media.

3. What 500 years of graphic design in print looks like: Just plain cool. If you are interested at all in print design, this book review of “Graphic: 500 Designs that Matter,” works for you. The review contains a generous sampling of powerful, interesting print designs, from logos to posters. Can’t wait to get a look at the book itself.

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Matt Carroll is a journalism professor at Northeastern University.

Logo by Leigh Carroll (Instagram: @leighzaaah)


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