3 to Read: Covering protests, safely | Fact-checking Trump tweets | The AP Stylebook upgrades

Covering protests, safely: It’s a strange time in America when journalists have to take precautions to protect their physical security, when they are only doing their jobs. But times have changed. Numerous accounts of violence against journalists covering protests prompted the Committee to Protect Journalists to release a safety advisory, warning reporters of the possible dangers and advising them on how to protect themselves. Members of the press have reportedly been arrested during protests, sprayed with tear gas, shot with rubber bullets and faced violence from both police and protesters.

Fact-checking Trump’s tweets: President Trump’s tweets have been a source of notoriety since before he announced his presidential campaign. His previous tweets had largely gone unacknowledged by Twitter administrators, but that all changed on Thursday, when a tweet about protests in Minneapolis included warning labels for glorifying violence. Writing for Politico, Nancy Scola breaks down Twitter’s decision to fact-check Trump’s tweets, and explains how their new approach has been implemented worldwide.

The AP Stylebook gets an upgrade: The 55th edition of the AP Stylebook was published last week, and included new terms and tools for journalists working in the digital age. The most drastic change is a new chapter on cybersecurity, writes Josephine Wolff for Slate. It also introduced new guidelines for writing about topics like online advertising, digital wallets and audience engagement.

By Maya Homan & Matt Carroll


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