3 to Read: Why Bennet is out at NYT | Publishing protesters’ faces | Free summer news program

Why Bennet is out at NYT: The turmoil caused by rolling protests ignited by the murder of George Floyd have spilled into newsrooms, particularly the New York Times. James Bennet, the Times’ editorial page editor, resigned after days of controversy stemming from a controversial op-ed written by Senator Tom Cotton. Ben Smith of the New York Times writes about revolts sweeping big newsrooms. The controversy blew up quickly. Though the Times initially defended their decision to publish the piece, executives later backtracked, saying that the op-ed did not meet their standards. On Thursday, Bennet revealed that he had not read the piece before it was published, and on Sunday, Bennet resigned. Writing for the Columbia Journalism Review, Gabriel Snyder breaks down the controversy behind the piece, and explains why much of the public criticism has come from the Times’ own reporters.

Publishing protesters’ faces: With waves of protests occurring throughout the U.S., photojournalists are faced with a pressing ethical dilemma: should they publish pictures of demonstrators faces? While legally, photographers are in the clear, many worry about the impact their photos could have on the subjects they capture. Eliana Miller and Nicole Asbury unpack both sides of the issue for Poynter.

Free summer news program: Starting July 7, The Information is launching a free news summer camp over Zoom, writes Laura Hazard Owen for NiemanLab. The program, which includes guest speakers from The New York Times, Politico, Gimlet, Insider, and other publications, was designed for journalism students whose internships were cancelled due to Covid-19. The program is scheduled to run for eight weeks, and already has over 800 people registered. Interested parties can sign up here.

By Maya Homan & Matt Carroll


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