3 to Read: Profits vs. the press | Moderating journalists’ social media | Bon Appétit backlash

Profits vs. the press: Alden Global Capital hedge fund manager Heath Freeman says he set out to save local news. However, the journalists who work for Alden’s nearly 200 publications tell a very different story. Journalists have taken to protesting his office, and over 20 senators have approached him about their concerns over his methods. Writing for The Washington Post, Sarah Ellison explores how Freeman’s business model, which includes aggressive budget cuts and sweeping layoffs, ultimately bleeds local publications dry.

Moderating journalists’ social media: A report detailing The Washington Post’s social media policy was leaked to New York Times media columnist Ben Smith last week. Smith, on Twitter, wrote that the memo says women and people of color were more likely to be disciplined for their social media usage than their white, male counterparts. Writing for NiemanLab, Laura Hazard Owen examines the major problems highlighted in the report, and a few potential solutions.

Bon Appétit backlash: Adam Rapoport, top editor at Bon Appétit, resigned last Monday following two separate scandals that generated intense online backlash, Emily Heil writes for The Washington Post. The public outcry started when assistant editor Sohla El-Waylly revealed that Bon Appétit only paid their white staffers for on-camera appearances. Food writer Tammie Teclemariam also found a photo of Rapoport and his wife dressed in racist Halloween costumes. Former Bon Appétit contributors have also called on food writers to boycott the magazine.

By Maya Homan & Matt Carroll

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