3 to Read: Mapping extremist attacks | Who pays for online news? | Student journalists take a stand

Mapping extremist attacks: Following the 2019 terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, The New York Times released a series of graphics detailing the global rise of white supremacist violence over the past several years through interactive timelines, maps and charts. Storybench writer Mihir Patil sat down with Weiyi Cai of the New York Times to discuss the evolution of the piece from its initial concept to the finished visuals.

Who pays for online news?: A report from the Reuters Institute and the University of Oxford shed some new light on online news subscriptions. Using data from three different countries with three very different media landscapes, senior research fellow Richard Fletcher delves into the rationale behind paying for online news. The data outlines who pays for online news, what drives them to subscribe to news sites, what they expect out of their news coverage, and what causes them to cancel their subscriptions.

Student journalists take a stand: Over 400 people have signed a petition urging Northeastern University President Joseph Aoun to agree to an interview with Northeastern’s student paper, The Huntington News. Despite making appearances in many major news outlets, President Aoun has not agreed to an interview with student journalists since 2013, Diti Kohli writes for The Boston Globe. The petition began after The Huntington News published a letter with signatures from over 50 alumni and former staff calling for greater transparency from the administration. Current staff members say they hope to secure an interview at least once a semester going forward.

Conflict Alert: Maya was the opinion editor at The Huntington News last semester.

By Maya Homan & Matt Carroll


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