3 to read: Tribune Publishing apologizes for fake bonus offer in phishing-simulation email | How the media handled Wednesday’s Breonna Taylor ruling | How to be funny in a pandemic.

Mayra Parrilla Guerrero

Fake bonus offer: Tribune Publishing, which has already enraged employees with pay cuts, furloughs and other miseries, managed to make a bad situation worse by sending out emails promising bonuses — which were fake. The idea, Trib officials, explained to furious workers, was to make people aware of “phishing” attempts to steal corporate information. But to bruised workers it was just another humiliation, writes Eric Wemple at the WaPo. The Tribune has apologized.

How the media handled Breonna Taylor: Tom Jones for Poynter breaks down the media’s reaction to the decision not to charge anyone in the death of Breonna Taylor. His point: The media cut through “all the legal talk and got straight to the point…. The networks couldn’t conceal their anger…” Interesting report by Jones.

Humor in a pandemic: The era of COVID-19 has been a challenging time for everyone, but many have tried to look on the bright side of things by using humor. Kristen Hare explains how Stephanie Hayes at the Tampa Bay Times has managed to thrive as a humor columnist — despite starting her job just as the pandemic got rolling. It’s a story about rolling with your community as they struggle to make sense of a very strange year. 


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