NYT on ‘Caliphate’ | Fact checks on covid dis-info | Covering Trump’s coronavirus

NYT on ‘Caliphate’: The New York Times stated that they are conducting a “fresh examination,” on their ‘Caliphate’ podcast where they featured a man named Shehroze Chaudhry who called himself Abu Huzayfah under terrorism hoax laws. Chaudhry appeared in several episodes of the podcast where he claimed he was involved in terrorism acts in Syria representing the terrorist group, ISIS. A Times spokeswoman said that they are examining his history within the podcast and the way they have presented him in their series. Times reporter, Katie Robertson explains more in this excellent story.

Fact checks on COVID disinfo: There has been a lot of information regarding Covid-19 during the last couple of months it has been in the U.S, especifically information regarding the virus origin. A draft was conducted by NiemanLab where 9,722 facts checks were gathered from the members of the International Fact Checking Network, organizations using Claim Review and Full Fact’s API to understand how fact checkers responded. Bethan John wrote all about it in this story and even explained the nine categories that were captured to be misleading or false claims made about COVID-19

Covering Trump’s coronavirus: Trump’s medical team seems to be giving information to an audience of one: Trump. With a cheerleader doctor, it’s been harder than ever to get accurate information about what is the president’s condition. It’s also made the media’s role more critical.


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