The Next Generation of Media Owners |Newsrooms on Climate Change |El Timpano reporting on Latin Immigrants

The Next Generation of Media Owners: Lauren Harris writes for CJR about a program trying to connect the owners of profitable local papers who want to sell, with a new generation of local news entrepreneurs. Owners of some of these newspapers, often nearing retirement age, are worried about succession. The NewStart local news ownership initiative is a year-long fellowship program out of West Virginia University, whose goal is to connect interested future-newspaper owners with buyers looking to sell their newspapers.

Newsrooms on Climate Change: While many organizations are focusing heavily on climate change, The Atlantic is taking the focus a step further. Sarah Scire for Nieman Lab tells how The Atlantic is trying to prioritize climate change by having its entire newsroom work on the topic through a newsletter called “Planet.” She writes: “The Atlantic hopes can help readers make decisions about what to pay attention to when it feels like the whole world is on fire.”

El Timpano reporting on Latin Immigrants: Local news outlets are creating different ways on how to connect more with their readers. El Timpano (The Eardrum) is Oakland’s reporting lab on how to engage more deeply Latino immigrants. It’s not enough to provide phone numbers for services — if no one answers the phone. So to try to ease the many frustrations of readers, El Timpano has become a coronavirus rapid response unit and provides: clear, accessible information on everything from testing sites to renter protections, paid sick leave policies, and remote learning…. The vast majority of audience members who write in express gratitude for keeping them informed.”


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