Journalists’ impact on racial injustice | CNN vs Tucker Carlson: It’s not pretty | Newspapers lose their “iron core”

Journalists’ impact on racial injustice:With race yet again a front-page issue in the U.S., from Black Lives Matter marches to inequality, what can journalists do to help solve some of these knotty issues? Ashton Lattimore in Poynter explains how journalists can do more than just report on racial injustices. Journalists can also tell stories with impact that can inspire empathy in their readers, to help build community values for fighting injustice.

CNN vs Tucker Carlson: It’s not pretty: It is no secret that Tucker Carlson’s show has been very controversial in regards to many topics, most including politics. In this story written by the Washington Post’s reporter, Erik Wemple, it is explained how CNN stepped in to clear up some research that was showcased in Carlson’s show. Carlson invited Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan onto his show, where she shared that China had engineered SARS-CoV-2 and unleashed it on the world, something she said she found upon research. Although Yan was invited by Carlson, Carlson himself admitted that he did not have the “grounding to properly vet Yan’s claims,” which resulted on CNN stepping in to debunk Yan’s claims within her research.

Newspapers lose their “iron core”: Joshua Benton for Nieman Lab writes how local papers are giving up on covering local government — in essence, dropping a beat that is essential for democracy. They are losing focus on their “iron core,” a phrase created by Alex S. Jones that represents the “big and unwieldy, reflecting each day’s combined output of all the professional journalism done by news organizations.”


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