Fox’s Future After The Election | The Time’s ‘Anonymous’ Charade | Influential Food Editor’s Retirement

Fox’s Future After The Election: Fox and Trump have tied themselves together tightly. But what happens after the election? Well, Sarah Ellison and Jeremy Barr of the WaPo explain how Rupert Murdoch, whose family controls Fox News parent company, has a plan. The conservative Murdoch that Biden’s possible election will become the new topic of conversation for the news site, as he gave hope that Trump would win because of what he considers repeated “unforced errors.”

The Time’s ‘Anonymous’ Charade : WaPo reporter Erik Wemple describes the impact of the revelation of the identity of “Anonymous,” the alleged high-level official whose oped piece in the NYT caused a national stir, with its description of chaos within the Trump administration. But Miles Taylor, who revealed he was Anonymous, was a former Department of Homeland Security official, but hardly a high-level official. It’s turned into a black eye for the NYT.

Influential Food Editor’s Retirement: Kristen Hare, Poynter reporter, writes in this story about a food editor at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Lee Svitak Dean has retired after 40 years. Hare explains Dean’s favorite memory as a food editor, which is when she spent the morning with Phua and Blia Thao at their 13-acre farm in Spring Valley, Wisconsin. For 26 years, Dean’s work has been seen as more than stories about food. She has had the opportunity to experience food by learning about different cultures, having meaningful conversations with her sources and learning about the community and the people who live in it, and her work was even considered to be a big change in local food journalism. Dean’s retirement  follows the departure of Nancy Stohs from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in January, and it marks the end of a golden age of local print food sections.


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