How news sites reported on the lengthy election | Media suppression in Nigeria | NYT’s soaring digital subscriptions

How news sites reported on the lengthy election: How did newsrooms handle the lengthy election cycle? WaPo reporter Marisa Lati said many focused on the “ambiguity of the race and the unsettled national mood.” Lati reported how Julie Moos, executive director of the National Press Club Journalism Institute, thought how newspapers such the Arizona Republic (“Divided Nation Waits”) had one of the strongest displays, while others  newspapers stuck with cautious language and/or data maps to highlight the progress of the polls. Others, like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, were accused of confusing American’s by using “Trump: I have Won, Biden: It’s not Over!” as a headline.

Media suppression in Nigeria: Reporter, Ivie Ani, reports on how Nigeria’s media suppression came to light after the country came together back in October to protest corruption and police brutality in the country, also calling for the abolition of Nigeria’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), which soon after ended up to be known as “the Lekki Massacre” referred by Nigerian media outlets. This caused the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Nigeria’s media regulator, to release some guidelines that were seen as an attempt to censor media outlets reporting, creating suppression while the government was hiding vital information and details about the attacks that happened during the protest. This followed with the NBC’s penalization on the coverage of #EndSARS, alongside many media outlets being fined for trying to report on the matter which further proved the media suppression being established in Nigeria.

NYT’s soaring digital subscriptions: Fox and Trump have tied themselves together tightly. But what happens after the election? Well, Sarah Ellison and Jeremy Barr of the WaPo explain how Rupert Murdoch, whose family controls Fox News parent company, has a plan. The conservative Murdoch that Biden’s possible election will become the new topic of conversation for the news site, as he gave hope that Trump would win because of what he considers repeated “unforced errors.”


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