Newsmax election denialism | The Inquirer’s service journalism | TV can’t be like Twitter

Newsmax election denialism: Newsmax, a cable news show you might never have heard about, is making a play for Fox viewers who are upset that the Murdoch station has taken a (slightly) skeptical view of the falsehood that there was widespread voting fraud in the presidential election. Newsmax is diving deep into conspiracy theories and it seems to be paying off. Newsmax has seen it’s highest ratings with 800,000 tuning in and many people, including with Trump, sharing clips and retweets.

The Inquirer’s service journalism : Why invest in service journalism? For the Philly Inquirer, it’s about creating stories that are “actionable and accessible,” says Megan Griffith-Greene, the Inquirer’s service features editor. She says: “Actionable stories are useful and practical; they help people make better decisions. Accessible stories mean they are easy to read, understand and remember, and we use a variety of techniques to break up the text and make it easier to absorb.”

TV can’t be like Twitter: It may be an odd thing to be reminded about, but the major TV networks are not Twitter, or any other social media platform. That fact was driven home during a Nov. 5 press conference by President Trump, who falsely said massive voter fraud had stolen the election from him. As soon as he started on his rant, the networks — ABC, CBS, NBC, and Univision — cut away to tell people that there was evidence for Trump’s statements.


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