Journalism & ‘Mutual Aid’ | How to cover COVID-19 correctly | Why the GOP is never coming back to mainstream news

Journalism & ‘Mutual Aid’: CJR reporter, Darryl Holliday tells how mutual aid’s solidarity network has risen and resulted from untenable economic disparity and social breakdown. From this, Holiday wrote how this should give journalists something they need to hear, saying that when government and civic institutions fail to provide equal benefits across society, marginalized people will create new systems. What does this mean for journalists? This means we have to be more clear in what we report, as well as inclusive such as represent different communities evenly instead of unevenly as the press tends to do. 

How to cover COVID-19 correctly: Journalism has changed a lot during these past few months due to COVID-19. Many media outlets have reported on the matter in their own way and some of them have worked while others have not. Poynter reporter, Roy Peter Clark, provides some writing tools to better cover COVID-19 in a comprehensible way. Clark provides amazing tips for the upcoming future journalists in order to provide accurate knews with the goal to give people what they need to make safe decisions about their personal health and the public’s health and to give readers confidence in their knowledge so they will not be harmed by the type of anxiety that leads to panic-and worse. 

Why the GOP is never coming back to mainstream news: Academic Nikki Usher explains why Republicans have given up on mainstream media and why they seem to love misinformation.


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